Monday, March 06, 2006

Week of 2-20-06

The following project tasks were completed this week:

Using the results obtained last week, further testing of whether the LC retarder/cross polarizer modulation device was performed. Due to the sensitivity of achiving superluminal and ultraslow propagation phenomina on precise modulation frequency control, and on the advice of Dr. Blair, further characterization the LC cell was performed. While the LC cell provided accurate low frequency modulation, it was not necissarily the best approximation of a sinusoid at low frequencies (<10Hz). These frequencies prove necessary to obtain accurately, as they correspond with the spectral hole in alexandrite allowing for superluminal propagation.

The LC cell/cross polarization device was taken out of the final setup and placed into a new characterization setup utilizing a Gre:Ne laser, the same Newport Detector, a precise function generator, a digital oscillscope, and a variable filter wheel to avoid detector saturation. This move was necessary to precisely characterize the LC retarder using equiptment not available in the teaching laboratory.



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