Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Week of 11-28-2005

Specific project tasks completed this week include:-

- Much of the first system utilizing the ruby crystal for demonstrating slow light propagation was constructed using a mix of optics teaching lab and Blair research lab components. In order to consolidate both components in an effort to reorganize the labs, pieces of the original setup containing BRL components were dismantled, and have begun to be replaced with teaching lab components only. This includes mirror mounts, post holders, posts, baseplates, and crystal rod holders. According to Dr. Blair, all components removed have teaching lab replacements. Due to the current stage of the project (researching sinusoidal modulation with ColorLink before converting setup for superluminal demonstration), lack of a complete system at this time is not an immediate issue.

- Exchanged emails with Gary Sharp in research and development at ColorLink with regards to implementing a liquid crystal optical modualtor to achieve sinusoidal modulation of the laser output. From initial conversations as well as product information pamphlets, it appears their basic modulator will work sufficiently for our applications at the required wavelengths. A meeting with Dr. Blair will be scheduled next week to discuss purchasing a LC modulator development kit.

A link to basic product informaiton pamphlet is below:

- Took LSAT on Saturday