Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Week of 11-7-05

Specific project tasks complete this week include:

- Brief family vacation

- Based on previous measurements of propagation time shift (slow light) as well as newly obtained output power stability measurements, it can be seen that to create a robust system sinusoidal output modulation is very necessary. While square wave chopping of the output beam works reasonably well, in inherently introduces noise into the measurements and does not provide a set or extremely accurate way of measuring propagation shift. Electro-optical modulation or a similar means is a neccessity at this point in the experiment to make measurements more accurate and easier to take. EO modulators were investigated and several vendors were briefly looked at, including: Electro-Optical Products Corporation, New Focus, Leysop, and Global Spec.

- It looks as if these modulators may be very price prohibitive!


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