Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Week of 11-14-06

Specific project tasks completed this week include:

- Met with Dr. Blair regarding current project status. Based on measurements taken on the current optical system it was determined that the best course of action at this point will be to pursue intengrating sinsoidal amplitude modulation within the system. Investigation into electro-optical modulators proved them to be a price prohibitive option. It was suggested that liquid crystal displays could be used as transmission filters. Vendors of such displays include:

Boulder Nonlinear Systems

- Feasability of integrating such displays was explored through product information and vendors were contacted questioning display absorbtion at the wavelengths used in the slow light system.

- Literature previously reviewed was explored again to determine if a new laser which Dr. Blair could obtain operating at 473nm with a maximum 200mW operating power could be integrated into the experiement.


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