Saturday, October 22, 2005

Week of 10-17-05

This will be my first project progress posting. Specific tasks completed this week include:

- Setting up project log website (Welcome!)

- Laser stability data taken. Power readings at intervals of 1 min were taken over a duration of 1 hr. From this data, it is hoped any propagation time shift due to power fluctuations can be calculated and accounted for in measurements.

- Meeting with Dr. Blair to further discuss project timetable and to instigate another meeting with Utah Science Center representatives. Specific to project timetables, it was decided that an attempt will be made to use the exisiting laser system with the newly obtained Alexandrite crystal. Issues that may arise however are problems with overall laser output power, as superluminal propagation behaviours inherent to the Alexandrite crystal typically require higher output power than the currrent system provides


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